Colour Grading

After reviewing the to do list, and altering the changes that we listed, one of the main things left remaining to do was to colour correct all the footage.

7.0 Colour Grading 1 - Diana

The first screenshot shows how we adjusted the footage of Diana’s interview to make it less orangey and to tie it in with the less vibrant aesthetic and style of our documentary. We used the colour correction tools on Premiere, such as fast colour corrector/three way colour corrector, RGB curves and brightness/contrast. For this particular shots we dragged the slider towards the blue colour to reduce the orange tones in the shot.

7.3 Colour Grading 4 - Blue Split:After 7.4 Colour Grading 5 - Other Split Screen

These two split screen colour corrected footage compares the original (the bottom half) compared to the colour corrected footage (the top half). We used three way colour correctional tools for this to make it appear more neutral and less yellow/green. The shots above show that by colour grading this footage, the background is closer to white and less yellow, and the blue liquid is more of a vibrant blue as opposed to a teal colour.


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