The above image is a scan of a page of my notebook containing figures so we could be consistent as to where we positioned each letter of the title, and also consistent in size of each letter and the opacity and colour too. We chose Helvetica, a sans serif font, because it is clean, fixed width and fits in with the simple, clear, poetic style of our documentary. We originally chose white to be the colour for the title, however we changed it to be a slightly ‘off-white’ with a small hint of a creamy-grey, as white looked too stark and jarring against the shot of droplets falling. One of my individual roles in the process was to create the title. Below are screenshots to portray the creative process I undertook to create the title, subtitles and credits.


6.0 Title 1 (Text:Font Template)

I used the word BLUE as a template before creating a separate title for each letter so that I could fade them in individually, beat matched to the soundtrack.

6.1 Title 2 (Aligning Individual Letters)

I then aligned each letter individually, on a separate title track, to match against the template in order to be certain that each letter was in the exact correct position.

6.2 Title 3 (Colour)

After deciding that white was too bright for the viewer to look at aesthetically, I used the colour picker to pick a light shade of cream from the background of the title shot and then brightened this so it was on the verge of being white.

6.3 Title 4 (Drop Shadow)

The above screenshot shows how I used the drop shadow feature to create a subtle almost unnoticeable, yet professional, drop shadow effect to give the shot some depth and isolate the title from the shot.

6.5 Title 6 (Time Manipulation For Drops)

I then used the time manipulation tool to either speed the footage up or slow it down so that the drops of blue liquid fell in time with the music, to match the beat.

6.6 Title 7 (Markers)

I then used the marker tool on Premiere to mark out where each beat of the music was so that I knew each letter needed to come in at that specific point.

6.7 Title 8 (Beat Match)

This screenshot above shows how I then aligned each title with the markers to beat match.

6.8 Title 9 (Fade)

The final screenshot for creating the title (above) illustrates how I used keyframes to adjust the opacity of each title in order to slowly fade each letter of BLUE in individually and then slowly fade them all out collectively.


6.9 Title 10 - Subtitle 1 (Edit)

This screenshot above shows the same font, Helvetica, being used to display the name and title of each person in the documentary. We used a slightly blue/grey colour for the title of the person to distinguish it from there name.

6.91 Title 11 - Subtitle 2 (Properties)

This screenshot above shows the properties of the subtitles, including the use of another subtle drop shadow to make the text stand out slightly from the shot.

6.92 Title 12 - Subtitle 3 (Finished)

Finally, this image above reveals the final subtitles.


6.93 Title 13 - (Credits)

We used Helvetica Neue ultralight for the closing credits in order to keep the same font style as present, but to slightly distinguish the credits to show that the documentary had finished.


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