The final stage of post-production was adding a very subtle vignette over the entire documentary. This was barely noticeable, however we believed that it raised the production values of the documentary, in turn making it more professional and aesthetically pleasing.

8.0 Vignette 1 - PSD 1 (Gradient)

The first stage in creating the vignette involved exporting a screen capture of the shot from Premiere, and importing it into Adobe Photoshop CS6. This enabled me to also make sure that the dimensions of this vignette were correct to match the aspect ratio of the documentary.

8.1 Vignette 2 - PSD 2 (Complete)

I inserted horizontal and vertical guides at 50% to find the exact centre point of the shot, and then used the elliptical gradient tool to create a vignette by choosing a transparent colour point and a black colour point and adjusting the opacity of the gradient altogether so that it was barely noticeable.

8.2 Vignette 3 - PSD (Import)

I then added another video track over everything and imported the vignette as psd file and changed the duration so that it sat over the entire project.

8.3 Vignette 4 - Illustration Non  8.4 Vignette 5 - Illustration Complete

The above two screenshots show the subtle difference that the vignette adds. The first image is without the vignette and the second is with the vignette, just to highlight the way that it makes the shot look more professional.

8.5 Vignette 6 - Sam Error

When exporting the file we noticed a tiny error whereby the edge of the shot during this opening shot had been visible due to reframing using the transform tool on Premiere. We therefore exported this shot as a screen capture and imported it into Photoshop.

8.6 Vignette 7 - Sam PSD

This vignette had to be much stronger so that the black background faded into the slightly blue/black colour of the right side of the shot.

8.7 Vignette 8 - Sam Complete


The above screenshot depicts the shot with the overlaid vignette, making this small error unnoticeable.


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